Why Would I Get An Airport Transfer Service?

After your busy business trips, it is up to you to end your journey with a comfortable transfer car service. After a plane trip that you will want to indulge yourself in, you must feel relieved even when you think a special vehicle is waiting for you at the airport. On top of the fatigue of the journey, you don’t have to suffer the traffic ordeal anymore. How, Of course, VIPCAR.thanks to rentals. With luxury transfer cars, you will feel comfortable as if you have a private driver, an excellent trip awaits you valuable customers.

VIP Transfer cars

The VIP transfer process, which provides you with a unique transfer service with cars with highly equipped and special interior designs, is planned with your comfort, satisfaction and safety in traffic in mind. To take advantage of this service, you must reserve your vehicle immediately after making your travel plan. Thus, your Istanbul airport transfer vehicle will be waiting for you on the dates you have already reported. As the pioneer of this sector, we offer you the perfect travel service while also providing great ease in payment planning.

Transfer Vehicle Services

Transfer car service you can get the highest quality vipcar.with rentals, you can indulge in a chauffeur experience. You will never have a problem of being late when attending business meetings, special invitations or important events with the transfer cars you can choose for airport journeys. History of special education with significant experience in traffic, the more drivers you equipped your house or any place of your residence, taking a city you have never visited the airport after your flights to this service which leads to you can benefit. During your contract, you will arrive at the address you specify at the exact time of the transfer vehicle service promises you much more than a normal road trip.

Transfer Tool To A Corporate Firm

Welcoming your guests with a tool that reflects your corporate identity for your in-house or out-of-company meetings reflects your quality in your business life. Therefore, these transfer vehicles, which you can have your corporate guests specially taken from the airport, are a service that you should definitely take. The first impression you will create with this unique welcome to your special guests is very important. Take a step now for this transfer service you will want to receive on your way to or from the airport pick-up services.

Airport Transfers

If you want to rent a car before you travel to Istanbul and move comfortably in the remaining days by making your airport transfer process easier, you can get information about the price, vehicle information and our solutions for this transaction from our company, and have your preferred vehicle booked.

Booking In Advance Saves Lives

We always reserve our rental cars in advance, if you make a reservation. There is one more detail that will save lives with planning following your plane ticket reservation, which is at the first stage of your travel plan, which is to book your car. In some cases, a recommendation to passengers who miss this detail because they will be in the city for a short time, car rental is a life-saving concept in Istanbul.

First of all, going from one vehicle-free point to another in Istanbul, which has a very large population and a very busy transportation network, is both an ordeal and an incredible intensity. Therefore, we offer a car reservation and, if you do, we deliver your car to you in the easiest and fastest way from the moment you reach the airport.

Why It’s Important To Rent A Car

Renting a car is especially vital for Istanbul. You need to rent a car to get away from the busy traffic of people and vehicles in this big city and to enjoy your journey with your own vehicle. Otherwise, you may experience the stress of waiting for vehicles in traffic, the high population on public transport and not feeling safe for a moment, and the regret of not renting a car in this big city. Car hire also;

  • It saves money (you spend more money with many public transport and taxi vehicles throughout the entire trip)
  • Saves time
  • It comes very cheaply with promotions
  • Pre-booking does not take risks, you will get your car in as little as 5 minutes.
  • Enjoy the best quality car rental at the best prices.

For this reason, you will feel safe on both journeys and you will be able to reach any place at any time, saving time, because of the need for extra travel money.

Car Rental Price Policies

There are a few details that we use to determine price policies when performing car rental.

These criteria are evaluated by many vehicle companies;

  • The length of your car rental period (the longer the period, the more we have a promotion increase)
  • Whether the vehicle is manual or automatic (automatic vehicles are more expensive than a click is more popular)
  • Pick-up and drop-off point (if you don’t want to drop off at the airport, a different location will create additional costs)
  • Vehicle segment (price varies according to vehicle luxury)

No matter which vehicle you want to rent under the specified criteria, the most important factor is how long you will rent the vehicle. If you need a vehicle for a long time and you will rent a vehicle for a long time in this case according to the singular daily car rental, our company between 25% and 30% can perform Car Rental at more affordable prices.

Rent From The Airport, Not The City

This is a situation that our company often transmits to its customers and, in the event of a situation otherwise, the customers communicate in a similar way. First of all, we want you to know that we recommend renting a car to stay away from the chaos of Istanbul and not to experience stress while travelling in the city. In some cases, the failure of passengers to heed this warning can have bad consequences for them. One of them is the city car rental process. If you rent a car from an unknown company in the city, not the airport;

  • Under-the-ladder companies could be hit and damaged
  • Maintenance-free vehicles may be in a difficult situation due to
  • He may pay compensation to the company of the vehicle if it is damaged
    May overlook your contract
  • You can perform a problematic shopping.

However, since an operation at the airport is both institutional and solution oriented, you do not experience these problems. We would also like to add that car rental prices offered at the airport are approximately 25% and in some cases much more advantageous than those offered in the city.

Advantages Of Airport Car Rental

If you rent your car from our airport company, you will benefit not only from your pocket but also from many different benefits.

These advantages;

  • Affordability
  • To benefit from additional promotions as the rental period increases (one top category vehicle, more price reductions, etc.)
  • Getting rid of the cost of additional transfers from airport to city
    More types of tools
  • Getting rid of the possibility of being carless
  • 7/24 service, instant solution to all your problems guaranteed

And hidden in many more details. The only thing you have to do in order to take advantage of the mentioned advantages is to book in advance or get your car back in a few minutes by getting a car rental agreement from our sales office instantly.

The Importance Of The Contract In Car Rental

Our company has personnel who have acquired the habit of giving a copy of the contract sample to the customer and reading all the details to the customer before the rental process. The main reason we inform you with your customer rights and rental criteria is because we guarantee that you will not suffer any further problems or additional costs.

After reviewing all the details in the contract, you will not face any additional costs at the time of delivery or at the time of payment. It is also worth noting that there is a significant difference between renting the airport and living in a different part of the city. While our company provides this guarantee, unfortunately, customers are not adequately informed by small rental companies within the city and may face surprise payments on vehicle delivery.

We would never want you to have a problem with a surprise traffic ticket, an ogs, an HGs penalty, a mileage restriction, a previous defect in the vehicle being installed on you. You will come to our company and rent the vehicles are very unlikely to experience problems, as well as problems that do not originate from you as given in the contract do not charge additional fees.

Don’t be surprised at highway and bridge crossings

Another criterion that divides car rental companies into two is whether vehicle transit and tracking systems such as GPS, OGS, HGS are used in vehicles. We see the possibility of such warnings to you in vehicles that you will rent from a local car rental company is quite slim, and we know that the probability of these labels and tracking systems being in the vehicle is almost zero.

Since GPS, OGS, HGS systems will already be available in your vehicle for rental transactions from our company, we guarantee to benefit from the related transit systems if there is a toll road in all your crossings from airport to city, highway to bridge.

You will not be surprised at highway and bridge crossings with our vehicles, which have unlimited transit rights by loading the balance from the label and device number given to you during the journey you wish.

Key to insurance transactions and Visa credit card

In many parts of the world, the vehicle insurance, insurance and all similar needs are made perfectly by the corporate companies that rent the vehicle. This process guarantees the customer and the rental company as well as is a requirement.

We believe that any firm that claims to be a corporation should not claim to comply with this requirement, but should be able to present it with documentation. Our company performs all procedures related to rented vehicles as well as provides it to its customers with certificates. All the documents related to the vehicle you will rent, such as traffic insurance, registration, insurance, will be presented to you during the use without missing and thus you will not be in a difficult situation for any reason.

One more small trick is that there is a standard on credit cards all over the world, and all credit cards with Visa features have collision damage insurance. As a result of a possible collision mismatch, we would like to note that your Visa card and the vehicle you are renting have insurance.

Choose Your Own Fuel Type

Our company offers you appropriate and available vehicle information, of course, to respect your preferences and 100% to fulfill your preferences, customer satisfaction is also based. Depending on your preference, you can determine whether your vehicle will be gasoline, diesel, hybrid or electric as a result of the available fleet situation and make reservations accordingly. In this way, you can use both the type of vehicle you think is appropriate for your budget and the type of vehicle you are used to.

Benefit More From Your Trip

Thanks to our company providing car rental service, it is in your own hands to be able to benefit at the maximum level in your travels. As we have mentioned many times, it is very difficult to reach from one point to another in a metropolis such as Istanbul and it is a waste of time, unless you have your own vehicle! Being without a vehicle will always be a problem, regardless of whether your trip is short or long.

We insist that you rent a car without thinking about whether your trip is for business or sightseeing, because Istanbul is our home and we are sure how much you will benefit with a vehicle. If you are going to travel within the city, transport to tourist locations, transport to the nearby environment outside the city or switch to a different city, you will profit from your transportation costs and you will not leave any places where you are not seen.

Great Options For Family

If you have a large family and in this case you prefer SUVs or minivans instead of cars, we also provide you with large vehicle solutions with our large fleet. For large families, transportation is twice as difficult in a city like Istanbul. Because there are so many places to see, to be done and to be visited, it is impossible to visit all these places by the same taxi, and it is quite difficult to go anywhere by public transport.

We are able to produce the most ideal solutions according to your service with the combination of hardware and benefits in all our vehicles, which are in a large category Special to our customers like you. According to us, at least one Station Wagon vehicle or SUV for a family of 4 people travelling, 5 to 7 families should be preferred for minivans.

With our vehicles in this class we will offer you, you will benefit greatly from your time and travel costs on your behalf, but you will also be able to draw a new plan for your journey by renting these vehicles at the most economical rates.

7/24 Uninterrupted Vehicle Supply

I’ll be at the airport in the middle of the night or the earliest hours of the morning, so don’t worry if I find a car rental company Open at that time. We will always be waiting for you at the arrival terminal with our 24/7 car rental service. The most basic criterion that shortens the vehicle delivery time is to book in advance.

If you have a reservation in advance, you can complete the final procedures within 2 or 3 minutes from the moment you arrive at our office, regardless of your flight and arrival time. With our staff providing uninterrupted service all day long, we will perform the latest procedures for your vehicle in a short time and we will inform you all the details until your vehicle is accompanied by our staff.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to take advantage of our car rental service.

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