What Are Airport Transfer Fees Based On?

If you want to get services from a corporate company for your airport transfers, you are at the most experienced address. Vipcar is your choice for corporate service.must be rentals. You may request to be accompanied by VIP vehicles immediately following your flights in and out of the city in the same standards. If you want to be picked up at the airport with this type of vehicle, your choice is quite wide. The transfer vehicle fees of our company vary according to the characteristics of the vehicle. From the moment you land at the airport, you can go wherever you want to go, accompanied by experienced staff who set out with a special service approach.

About Rental Transfer Vehicles

After your flight at the airport, you, your family or your business partners ready and waiting with staff, rental and transportation by private vehicles, which allows us to provide detailed cost information to use the service, you can receive the contact. Rental transfer vehicle fees vary according to the model, age, characteristics, VIP design and journey time of the vehicles you have selected. A schedule is made in advance for the journey with the chauffeur. How many people will be in the vehicle, the refreshments you want during the journey and your special requests are important issues in the vehicle fee.

Safety In Transfer Vehicles

Transfer vehicles dazzle with VIP features, while security measures are among the most preferred vehicles. The first thing you need to do to rent a safe and comfortable transfer vehicle is to contact and get information about a vehicle that suits your wishes. Therefore, after a preliminary interview, if you wish, you can choose from the images of the vehicles that have the features you want. Further, you can find out more details about your journey, where security measures are also kept at a high level. With the transfer vehicles, where the safety of passengers and vehicle personnel is maintained at a high level, you can make a reservation for your rental car by taking immediate action to enjoy a safe ride in traffic.

Special services you want on vehicles

You can make special requests regarding your Transfer vehicles. Apart from the specially prepared food and beverage offerings, your private driver and foreign guests can be accommodated while the interpreter staff can accompany you. The interpreter fee is also included in the specifications of the vehicles you wish to rent. Please note that you are at the right address for a smooth and memorable Sabiha Gökçen Airport transfer. Thanks to your early booking, you may have more car options and you can benefit from very advantageous rates in the payment options.

Airport Transfers

It comes from a long-distance journey, and therefore, if you plan to rent a car instead of bringing it together, this is the right choice. We, as a company, are a car rental company that has been serving for many years with our experience in this sector and the car rental company that we are performing for you. We think it is useful to share how this process is carried out in order to tell you that car rental service is an option that appeals to you rather than airport transfer process.

What Is Car Rental?

Classic car rental service is made in accordance with agreements made through car rental companies in exchange for receiving your identity information and depositing the deposit price. However, this is not how the car rental service, which takes place in parallel with the airport transfer process and is provided from the airport, works. Under the stairs, so-called Car Rental Services during your head may be quite painful. We recommend that you stay away from such a service and rent a car if you have flown to another city from our corporate and company office located at the airport.
If the car rental is done with a corporate company located at the airport;

  • You won’t face surprise additional costs.
  • You sign a professional car rental agreement and secure yourself.
  • You can review your contract and otherwise you won’t have to buy the vehicle, you won’t burn your money.
  • Pretty much you’ll have options.
  • You can pay with various payment methods.
  • If you book in advance, your car will not be given to anyone else and you will not lose your chance.
  • You will be prepared and protected against accidents, OGS, HGS.
  • Your vehicles will be well maintained.

For these and similar reasons, please note that you must be cautious when renting a vehicle first. If we can provide you with information about another element that you should not be working with as a company, we can offer you many reasons such as traffic fines, OGS, HGs unpreparedness, having you load the whole load in case of an accident. We want you to know that we are ready to open our fleet to you in confidence.

Why Should I Rent A Car?

If you need to explain why you need to rent a car to our customers who are stuck in the dilemma of whether to rent a car or airport transfer process;

  • Taxis don’t give assurances.
  • Do not ride a carriage if you are unsure of vehicle maintenance.
  • VIP transfers are expensive.
  • Don’t have to walk to your destination.
  • May your vehicle be with you at all times.

In simple words, being exposed to taxi travel in an environment where taxis are not reliable and carry no comfort can wear you down. Also, waiting for a taxi is a nuisance, and you can often face this situation when you need a vehicle. If you are unsure about the maintenance of the vehicles, riding in a vehicle may cause you anxiety, so renting a car that has always been maintained is a more convenient option for you.

  • VIP transfers are short-term but more expensive than renting options, which can take your pocket.
  • The public transport you will have to walk to your destination will be crowded and exhausting.

If your car is with you 24 hours a day, it allows you to go anywhere at any time, not as short-term as the airport transfer process. In this respect, car rental service is always more attractive for you, can come at more affordable prices and will be a service that works for you at any time of the day.

How Are There Differences Between The Transfer Process And Car Rental?

The airport transfer process, called VIP Transfer, is a transfer process that offers you a short-term and one-way Service. However, renting a car will earn you various pluses. If we summarize the differences in this respect;

  • Airport transfer is one-way.
  • With Car Rental, your car is always at your door.
  • The driver carries out the airport transfer.
  • With car rental you have the chance to use your own vehicle.
  • Airport transfers are expensive.
  • Car rental is both more affordable and has more intensive use.
  • For this reason, there is a big difference between car rental and transfer operations.

Is There A Time Limit On Renting A Car?

There is no time limit on car rental methods, but there is a 24-hour yardstick for car rental. To briefly mention this yardstick, car rental is not like airport transfer. In other words, short-term car rental operations such as one or two hours are not carried out. In the car rental sector, vehicles are rented over 24 hours. For this reason, there is no rental under 24 hours, even if the 24-hour fee is paid during this period, no such rental is made. Our company makes use of all kinds of car rental services in excess of 24 hours and opens the vehicle you wish from the vehicle fleet to your service.

What Should I Pay Attention To When Renting A Car?

Instead of getting used to looking at the event by the company, we wanted to list the elements that should be considered in a few articles by thinking about you. Paying attention to these elements will allow you to make no mistakes while renting a vehicle, thus helping to keep your experience at a high level. Things to look out for when renting a car;

  • General cleaning of vehicles (otherwise refuse)
  • Maintenance of the vehicles (request a document, otherwise do not accept)
    The tanks of the vehicles are full (not forgotten or given with very limited fuel is out of the question)
  • Refuse if there are any elements in the vehicle that may interfere with health
  • If your vehicle is a Class B Automatic, do not use a manual vehicle.
  • Do not change the vehicle class in case it is not obtained (You Do not have to)
  • Pay attention to the price range of the vehicle. (If there is a price to your advantage you must be helped)

Sometimes, instead of giving information to customers, it is possible to rent a car only in accordance with their own company. These conditions apply to all airports around the world, as they do when you arrive in Istanbul or at our offices at every airport.

We, no matter where our customers are in the world, do not hesitate to share this information in order not to compromise on quality when they cannot reach our company. Please do not give up on the elements that should never and should never be considered, such as airport transfer, from renting a vehicle with a driver and receiving a VIP transfer, to renting a vehicle in a way that puts your own health at risk.

What Are The Terms Of Car Rental?

There are a few key elements to consider when renting a vehicle. These elements;

  • You must be competent in using the tool.
  • Duration of your driver’s license
  • Eligibility for age criteria
  • Payment realization
  • Vehicle compliance with your driver’s license

Such are basic concepts. If we need to talk about each item briefly here, we would like to talk about our conditions by sampling it through our company.;

You must have a license to drive the vehicle. In order to rent a car, SUV, Van or any vehicle, it is essential that you have the relevant driver’s license. When you apply to rent the vehicle as required by insurance operations, our company examines your driving license purchase period. You must have a 2-year driver’s license for the middle and upper segment and at least 3 years for the luxury segment. The requirement to comply with the age criteria is a restriction imposed by car rental companies based on your vehicle demand and also to act in accordance with insurance deposits. According to this restriction, you must be at least 21 years old to rent an economical class vehicle, be at least 25 years old for the upper segment, be at least 28 to 30 years of age for the luxury segment.

You have to pay and leave a deposit before you can take delivery of the vehicle. This is because of the value of road vehicles and damage that may occur in the name of taking precautions in advance. Unfortunately, in some cases the vehicle can become unusable immediately due to the damage caused by the people driving the vehicle, this process is carried out because of these and similar reasons.

Finally, if you need to talk about driver’s license eligibility, you have to take into account the elements in your driver’s license. To give an example, an individual with an automatic Class b driver’s license has no chance of renting a car manually. This is an issue that is against the formality of the people should be informed about this issue. If you are a manual driver and have an unrestricted driver’s license, there is no restriction for manual or automatic selection.

What Kind Of Vehicles Can I Rent?

Our company has a large fleet of vehicles, you are free to use any vehicle if you have the appropriate driver’s license, age eligibility and driver’s license time experience for the type of vehicle you wish. In this case, our company will offer you options;

  • Car
  • Luxury car / sports car
  • SUV vehicle
  • Minivan

As classified in four main categories. Different colors, different model options are available in each category, our company can rent the vehicle you wish according to your preference in this context.

Payment Options For Car Rental?

We talked about the payment requirement for you to rent a car from our company.

Anyone who wants to make upfront payments in line with this, who wants to make the payment in full, online or via mail order;

  • Credit Card
  • Bank transfer / EFT transaction
  • Mobile banking EFT / wire transfer process

In addition, they can pay by way of paying cash by hand and leaving a deposit by visiting our offices. In case you make partial prepayment in your prepaid transactions, the remaining payment can be paid when the vehicle is delivered and in this case the collection is made by deducting the pre-payment from the vehicle rental price.

Can Anyone Else Drive The Car I Rented?

The customer who applies to rent the vehicle during the rental process and who has signed all relevant documents and performs the contract is free to use the vehicle. Since the contract has been carried out on behalf of the vehicle, there are no restrictions such as days, hours, kilometers.

However, if you want to have a second or additional driver who wants to use the vehicle, you must inform our company in advance, that is, before the contract is carried out. If the vehicle is used by the additional driver, even though it is not included in the contract, therefore, if any penalty or accident occurs, unfortunately, in such cases, the procedures and insurance conditions will come into effect and you may face additional costs.
However, if you have already notified and authorized another person to use the vehicle and have it registered in the contract, then the additional driver will have the same rights as the person who rents the vehicle, there will be no problem in the name of the use.

Our company is a company that meets its customers who want to make long-term use and long journeys with understanding, does not impose restrictions for additional drivers or additional drivers, especially during long driving experiences, and will not worry if it is processed in the right time frame of the contract. We are always there to be with you with the right tools and reasonable prices to meet your demands and demands.

How Can I Contact You?

Our company has offices within the airport arrival terminals vehicle and fleet rental departments and you can reach us by phone or online by using our contact information when you reach the airport, if you wish, much earlier. Car rental services such as airport transfer are also areas where airports are in high demand.

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