We would like to share with you a few words that only a few of our distinguished customers who prefer us say about our company. You can also comment here after experiencing our services. 🙂

Hello, Car rental should be less than 24 hours a day, although VIP car Rentals in operation and coordination skills with their ability to rent the vehicle. In particular, Ms. Muge’s confident speech and doing her job in the best way made my job very easy in this telasli process. So I also want to thank him. Vip Car Rentals offers the best car rental service I’ve ever received. I also give my thanks to the company.

A. Kalkavan / 16.12.2019

Thank you for your professional , clean, time and complete service. We are happy that you will always be our solution partner for the direct effort you have made to ensure that our domestic or foreign customers are more satisfied with us. I wish you continued success. Thank you.

Onur KIZILIRMAK / 02.12.2019

I rented two VIP cars for my wedding. Both vipcar employees and friends using the vehicles were very interested and interested. Thanks to the firm.

Olcay Çetinyol / 22.09.2019

Courtesy..sincerity.. and the professional team.. And more.. Corporate mindset, down to the driver friend who’s on duty.. Everything was punctual and timely.. Dreaming .. Experience it ..

Banu Gebeşoğlu / 10.09.2019

Hi, Just tell Vipcar what you want. If you’re looking for helpful, caring, honest, clean service, the exact location. On the day of our wedding, we had a very comfortable day without experiencing any setbacks, without saying whether the program would fail. For our guests, they provided great comfort for us. Thanks to our captain Taner Bey, especially Müge Hanım. I hope to see you later, my respects.

Nihal Beltan / 19.08.2019

Hello. I was desperately searching on the internet, and I called with hesitation, and at the first moment on the phone, I met a very respectful and confident voice, and all my hesitations went away. Thank you to her and her team for taking on all the work from the moment I told her about our need for vehicles and that they were very, very valuable guests for us, and for making things go smoothly with such seriousness and care that I could not imagine. From now on, when such a need occurs, the first call from my guide is Vipcar Müge Hanım. It’s great to see people still working this way because you’re doing your job properly. Thank you very much.thank you.

Mehmet Nay