How To Get To Istanbul Airport?

Turkey’s newly opened Airport, Istanbul Airport was opened on 29 October 2018. It is possible to go to the airport both by public transport and by personal vehicles. All right, 3.How to get to the airport? The answer to this question is..

Where Is Istanbul’s New Airport?

Istanbul New Airport with another name 3.The airport is located on the borders of Arnavutköy District of Istanbul. The airport is located on the European side, close to the Black Sea coast, Çatalca, very close to the Göktürk Arnavutköy interchange. The area where the airport was built is located in an area between the villages of Tayakadın and Akpınar. This area covers an area of 76.5 km2. The distance between Istanbul Atatürk Airport and the bird flight is 35 km.

Going To The Airport By Public Transport

The airport can be reached by using the Metro and IETT buses. The best option, of course, is to transfer. You can also contact us for Istanbul airport transfer service.

Metro: those who want to go to Istanbul New Airport by metro have to wait because the airport metro is not yet completed. The Gayrettepe-Airport metro project to go to the airport will open in late 2019. Gayrettepe-Airport metro station is expected to greatly relax transportation. In addition, the metro project, which will provide transportation between Halkalı and Istanbul’s new airport, will be completed in 2020.

IETT buses: you have two options for bus transportation to Istanbul Yeni Airport. From these options you can choose either The Havaist or IETT buses with direct airport service. For those who want to go to Istanbul Yeni Airport by bus, tickets were sold at a 50% discount until Christmas. After the new year, the fees were offered for sale at the normal price.

Private Vehicle And Taxi

People who want to go to Istanbul Yeni Airport with their special vehicles can easily reach the airport if they type the full address of the airport in the navigation section of their smart phone. Those who want to take a taxi to Istanbul Yeni Airport can get to the airport at different prices depending on where they board. Kadıköy, Bakırköy, Taksim and Büyükçekmece places such as people who want to take a taxi to the airport will also pay different fees. About 660 taxis will operate at Istanbul’s new airport in the first place. Cabbies who will work here are required to speak English at least A1 level. We also have a content on transportation to Sabiha Gökçen Airport. We advise you to look.

Airport Transfers

In today’s developing and changing world conditions, due to technological developments, air travel has become widespread and the number of people using this route has increased significantly. Now, many people choose the option of airline transportation for both their travels and holiday organizations. In this context, our company, which has been in the sector for many years and has made many innovations in the point of airport transfer operations, allows you to receive airport transfer service safely.

Holiday plans and trouble-free travel

If you are in a truly great holiday plan or are looking for a complete trip, the first thing to think about is the planning you are going to do at this point. A well-thought-out holiday schedule makes you very comfortable, while the opposite can lead to unexpected waits, delays and disruptions.

An important detail of these holiday or travel plans is the transfer between the airport where you are landing and the hotel, resort or place where you are planning to stay. In addition, at the end of the holiday or trip, the return to the airport from where you are staying again is a point to plan.

With its brand name in the field, our company offers an excellent and attentive service for you in the transfer operations between the airport and the accommodation point or between the airport from where you are staying.

Our Planned Working System

As a company, we carry out professional work for you in the transfer operations of your vacation or business trip, as well as for your guests in the exhibition organization, seminar or Congress meeting.

On this important issue, our company is carefully planning every step of the transfer process.

In terms of full comfort and the most comfortable transfers of our guests, our service is shaped within the scope of the following principles;

  • Shortest route transfer
  • Transfer in the most reliable way
  • Time-driven work
  • Private hospitality
  • Work for the comfort and happiness of guests
  • Economically viable transfer

Within its principles, we provide a complete and complete planned airport transfer service for you. We work with our strong organizational capacity provided by our corporate structure in our company, which always has high points on behalf of your comfort and satisfaction.

Organization and working principles

As a company, in our planned organization work on airport transfer service, the vehicle that you choose to make during the booking phase or that is allocated for you by us is ready at the specified time and minute. Our vehicle is waiting for you at a previously determined location or at any point where you will be offered a special service.

As there is no waiting at any stage of our service, we certainly do not allow a problem such as vehicle waiting, vehicle delay, delay or delay in service to occur at this stage.

Even in the most adverse situations that may occur, we always prepare options such as backup vehicle and backup driver. We are working systematically and planned within the framework of the principle of zero error in airport transfer.

Quick Solutions

As a company, we take our place as a sure companion with quick solutions while exhibiting uncompromising work on the safety and comfort of you, which is our main point of action. We are considering all possibilities for your convenience, from the airport to the point where you intend to stay or from the location to the airport, and we do not allow delays in the transfer process. With our experience, service quality and all facilities, we offer qualified service to our guests.

Transfer Special Fleet

One of the important points in the transfer business from the airport to the facility where you intend to stay is the undamaged and complete transportation of your belongings and luggage. At this point, all of our vehicles in our fleet, thanks to their special equipment, allow you to transfer with extremely high comfort, while also allowing your luggage and belongings to be transported safely.

We have a high model, specially equipped and technological facilities in our fleet. Our vehicles and equipment are compatible with all types of cold or hot weather conditions, rainfall, climate and road conditions, and we provide rigorous service at these points without having to worry.

Booking Options

As a company, you can make all your reservations online through our call center, which provides support for your airport transfer requests by providing 24/7 service, or through our website, which is sub-structured in mobile usage.

We have flexible working on the reservation service that you have completed easily. We offer you the opportunity to cancel, renew and change your reservation until the last moment, as well as the opportunity to determine the transfer vehicle you wish at this stage.

In addition, at the end of the booking process you have completed, if you wish, you can remove this information from the printer and see it in writing.

Trained Personnel

Our staff at every point in our company is trained in the field where they work, always helps you as problem solver and friendly. Our colleagues who work at the booking stage, our staff who accompany you at the reception and send-off, and our experienced drivers who serve you all the way, provide you unlimited support and work on behalf of your satisfaction.

Services Offered

We offer you the option of preferential transfer between the airport and the point of accommodation or from your accommodation to the airport with our special types of services.


  • Private transfer service with luxury VIP cars,
  • Transfer service with specially equipped vehicles for large families,
  • Transfer service with high capacity vehicles in Group Transfers,
  • Economic transfer service

We respond to all needs in our options. While we provide personalized service in Vip vehicle passenger transport, we provide services in large family or group Transport with specially prepared vehicles. In the economic method, we host more than one guest in the same vehicle together and carry out the process.

Advantages Of Our Company

Apart from these special service options, our company offers many different advantages in the transfer stages.

This is within our advantages;

  • Comfort offered thanks to flexible booking,
  • Welcome our guests at the airport and send them off from the airport,
  • Service by means specially prepared for transfer,
  • Precision in meeting specific demands,
  • Detailed information on the Route point of the transfers,
  • Short stop on the road route in case of request,
  • Full-time support and dedicated service

Special services such as include. We show the quality of our company with these advantages that we offer at every point of our service.

In addition, you can find various additional service options and privileges in the form of package programs on special occasions and baby seats specially kept for our small guests.

Secure Transfer

As a company, we work very precisely for the purpose of completing the transaction safely on transfers from the airport to your designated location or from your current rotation to the airport.

In this study;

  • Service works of all vehicles in our fleet are perfect and maintenance is done without any problems just in time,
  • We provide services for you and your belongings with our new model vehicles specially equipped for airport transfer
  • We carry you and your belongings as insured during all stages of airport transfer
  • We do the transport with experienced drivers in all road conditions.
  • We hold all necessary certificates for transport in our transfer vehicles in accordance with all conditions determined by the ministry.

With our vehicles and personnel in this feature, we carry out transfers “within the context of our motivation to work with your safety first”. We do not compromise on any process other than the basic standards set by our company regarding the security of our guests and their belongings.

Specially Equipped Vehicles

As a company, thanks to our large fleet of vehicles and our drivers, we can provide transfer services to every number of people without allowing problems such as density, jamming, delay, etc. All of our transport vehicles in our fleet are ready for service as high models with special equipment, which are available for this purpose only. All of our personnel working in our fleet of vehicles are working for you with a smiling face.

Away From Traffic Trouble

Thanks to our experienced drivers in the transfer business, you never have to deal with traffic chaos, you can complete your journey under comfort conditions. On the contrary, you can relax in a comfortable way. Thanks to the technological facilities in the vehicles, the opportunity to spend a fun time is also offered to you.

Big Savings At The Point Of Time

As a company, one of the biggest advantages of all the transportation operations we offer between the airport and the desired location is this. Our company transfer service allows you to save much more time than all other transportation options you can use by choosing instead of Transfer service.

Because in our service, there is no waiting time for the departure of the vehicle, picking up passengers by stopping on different routes, stopping for reasons or no reason. We will pick you up at any point and drop you off safely at any point on the shortest route. Our company’s punctual operation system provides you with the privilege of a perfect transfer process by planning every point.

Affordable Transfer

As a company, we produce budget-friendly solutions with the appropriate and economical fees that we determine in transfer transactions that we provide flawlessly under high-level security facilities. In this way, we offer our service with superior quality, very affordable and reasonable prices to you by combining. We also provide you with high quality service with the facilities we provide thanks to our preferential facilities for paying fees.

Our company has A1 and D2 safety and service certificates issued by the Ministry of Transport for vehicles that fulfill special conditions in all our vehicles used in transfer operations. We maintain the current situation through continuous inspections, checks and tests so that these documents are updated and that our vehicles can maintain the conditions they provide. With this safe transportation process we provide to our guests, you also get the privilege of traveling insured through our company.

Quality and economic

Our main goal is the happiness of our guests with all the advantages, special conditions, comfortable vehicles and facilities like experienced employees. As a company, we provide you with high quality, continuous smiling face and excellent service in the services we provide to you at every stage.

The positive comments we receive from you in the returns to our company constantly increase our motivation to work. The purpose of our company is to welcome you privately, both in the first transfer phase at the beginning of the holiday or travel, and in the transfer phase for return after the holiday or travel.

We will also be looking forward to your feedback from our call center or online at our site address so that you can share your feedback, suggestions and expectations with us after the privileged transfer transactions offered by our company. Because the satisfaction you will feel from our service, which we will shape at the point of your expectations, will return to our company as a greater desire to work.

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